“The sacrament of Confirmation confers a character. By it, the baptized continue their path of Christian initiation. They are enriched with the gift of the Holy Spirit and are more closely linked to the Church. They are made strong and more firmly obliged by word and deed to witness to Christ and to spread and defend the faith" (Canon 879, Code of Canon Law).


Confirmation is a sacrament of initiation which completes Baptism through sealing in the Holy Spirit.

The Confirmation preparation program at St. Anne is a two-year process, with the first year completed as a participant in the Saint Anne Youth Ministry program.

About Registration:

Students may begin the enrollment process for Confirmation as early as spring of their freshman year, provided they have previously registered for Youth Ministry and attended the fall or spring retreat. The process begins with the enrollment interviews in May, and a decision is made at that time if you would like to enter the program. Those deciding on enrollment are given a candidate agreement that is returned with baptismal & sponsor information, along with a registration fee.

About the Classes:

The immediate preparation for the sacrament begins in the fall. The Confirmation sessions meet twice a month on Sunday’s from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM There are about 12 scheduled sessions, along with a weekend retreat, ministry projects, sponsor-candidate sessions, and the celebrations of different Rites. We offer a total youth ministry program, which means that in addition to everything else, we place a high emphasis on community worship. Providing teenagers and their parents with a liturgy toward their spiritual needs is the first step. Our Youth Liturgies are held on the second and fourth Sunday’s of the month at the 6:00 PM mass. There are a wide variety of ways young people are invited to participate in the Youth Liturgy: the Youth Choir, Lector Ministry, Eucharistic Ministry and the Ministry of Welcome.


The Confirmation Retreat takes place in December at the Mission Springs Christian Conference Center.

Updates on classes will be posted on this page throughout the school year.


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