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The Diocese of Oakland announces our affilitation with VIRTUS; an internationally known and well respected best practices platform for Safe Environment training.  This training is available online and live, in Spanish and English.  It is a comprehensive and multi dimensional training that specializes in assisting churches and religious organizations in creating safe environments for children. Its mainstay course, Protecting God's Children assists the church in its efforts to recognize and stop sexual abuse. 


As a community of faith, we believe that the prevention of child sexual abuse begins with each person. Increased awareness and a willingness to take action are steps for every person to take to eradicate abuse in our society, in the community, in the neighborhood, and in the family.

All those who minister (volunteers, employees and clergy) in the Diocese of Oakland are to be educated about the nature of child sexual abuse, how it is perpetrated, how to report it and strategies for prevention.  Training is mandatory for all who minister, first before starting work or volunteering and then every 3 years thereafter.


To register for VIRTUS and either an online course or an on site live training: 

For detailed instructions of the registration process click here

To see a list of scheduled live trainings in the Diocese and to register for an onsite class click here.

Our Victims Assistance Ministry offers a variety of avenues for victims and family members to report their experiences to our Office of Victims Assistance and to be welcomed, to receive pastoral care, and to learn about and access much-needed services. Diocesan staff serving in the Office of Victims Assistance believe that individuals and communities are best served through a prompt response to requests for help, respectful listening, attention to their needs, and services to help them in the healing process.

For more information on our Survivor's Ministry




Office of Safe Environment


Diana Bitz, Diocesan Safe Environment Coordinator
(510) 267-8315

Carmen Alvarez, Admin. Asst. Livescan
(510) 267-8343

All Diocesan Sites must have the Code of Conduct for ministry to minors available for review for its constituents.  The policy and procedure for reporting sexual misconduct should be published at least quarterly in parish bulletins or through any other communication channels used. Please click below:

Diocesan Code of Conduct Adults working with minors

Code of Conduct for Minors working with Minors

Anyone wishing to report any allegation of sexual misconduct by any Clergy or Diocesan employee should contact the local authority, i.e. Police or Sheriffs Department, and also the Chancellor/Victims Assistance Coordinator of the Diocese:

Mr. Stephen A. Wilcox
Victims Assistance Coordinator

Diocese of Oakland
2121 Harrison St., Suite 100
Oakland, California  94612-3778
(510) 267-8373

Or contact a survivor at:

Survivor Advocacy 
(510) 267-8373

Survivor Advocacy

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