20190414 Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion

Suffering Sanctifies

No Pain.  No Gain.  Everyone loves a little suffering, when you’re working on your physical self. sometimes. 

I love a little suffering emotionally, financially or mentally.   Said nobody, ever. Why the heck is there suffering in this world anyway?    

For most of us, suffering goes against our human emotions and instincts.  For most of us, we run from suffering and do what we can to avoid suffering all together.  And, for most of us, we miss the lessons that suffering can teach us.  There is no good or bad in this, and there is certainly no judgement.   This Sunday’s gospel provides us with another opportunity to examine and understand the reason and effects of suffering. 

I’ve been privileged.  I look at my life, and I am grateful to my parents and grandparents for their sacrifices to provide me with all the opportunities. While being too busy pursuing the opportunities, I’ve experience minor amounts of suffering here and there.  It is in the past few years, that external factors have caused suffering, and I can honestly say that I have tried to run as fast as I can from suffering.  But the faster I ran, suffering seemed to follow and increase in size and intensity.  Until finally, one day, suffering brought me to my knees.   So, what did I do? I kept running, but in a different direction – in a fast and furious to my faith, family and friends. 

We are familiar with the Gospel Reading for this Sunday.  Luke describes how Jesus knows what is to come and takes the opportunity for a final meal with his disciples. Jesus knows, and willingly accepts the suffering, because He knows is suffering will purify us.   

I don’t know if I can "accept" suffering so easily or willingly.  But what I have learned, from Jesus’ example, and now through my experience, how I can view suffering differently.  Suffering can purify.  Make new in me a clean heart, o Lord.   

Through my recent emotional and financial suffering, I’ve re-learned how to surrender.  Allow people in – support and to focus on prayer. That through my suffering I’m cleansing my own doubt, disbelief and ego  I am learning, growing and I do feel stronger.  I am learning to sit in patience with my suffering.  

I feel like if I could have gone through this amount of suffering, I have become a stronger person. No pain, no gain is certainly true for me.  Through pain, I’ve grown.  I feel better about the person I am and what I can help offer to others. 

Self-realization uncovers the value of a person.  Self-realization brings the best out of people and contributes to a better world. 

Suffering purifies. Sacrifice sanctifies. 

When we can lose our ego and find our true selves – we can truly reflect who we are and were meant to be.  The image and the likeness of our loving Father. 


Readings at http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/041419.cfm

Procession: Luke 19:28-40
First Reading: Isaiah 50:4-7
Psalm: Psalm 22:8-9, 17-18, 19-20, 23-24 
Second Reading: Philippians 2:6-11
Gospel: Luke 22:14—23:56


Gospel Reflection

We encourage you to read and reflect on the all of the readings, including the Gospel, before you attend every Mass. During the confirmation year, the staff take turns sharing their reflections before each Youth Mass (2nd & 4th Sundays). Read More


20190414 Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion

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