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Faith, Service and Joy


Humble Beginnings

The Catholic Church of St. Anne in Union City has a long and colorful history.  It began as one of the first churches formed from Mission San Jose in 1862.  Since then there has been an unbroken proclamation of the Word of God and celebration of the Eucharist at this church, which is dedicated to the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The early parishioners included those from many different nationalities and it was this culture of diversity that proclaimed the miracle of Christ's death and resurrection to all.  The "Little Church by the Wayside" grew in faith and discipleship over the years to become the vibrant community that it is today.  As a mission church Saint Anne's was a part of a larger parish. For many years it was a mission of St. Edward Church in Newark. As the little mission grew over the years, the Franciscan Priests presided and the church became a mission of Our Lady of the Rosary parish.  The one mass on Sunday became two and it wasn't long before additional masses were added. This meant that more parishioners were needed to dedicate their time as deacons, altar servers, ushers, lay ministers, faith formation teachers, musicians, and many other support people.  The community of St. Anne was generous with their time and provided all of these needs and more. St. Anne became its own parish in 1973 with Fr. Eladio Pascual as the first pastor. The phenomenal growth continued. Therefore, in 1983, a new St. Anne Church was built at the corner of Dyer and Cabello Streets. Today, St. Anne is one of the largest parishes in the Oakland Diocese.

God has blessed each of us with many gifts including unique talents that we have been given to share with each other.  When we offer our talents we are giving of ourselves to worship God and help each other and those less fortunate than ourselves.  Years ago, when the old church needed a hall, Father Joe Proknow said that if we couldn't afford to pay others to build it, we could do it ourselves.  So, the community of Saint Anne provided carpenters, painters, contractors, and electricians, and the hall in the old church was built. It was like an old-fashioned barn raising, where the people got together and made it all possible. Under the guidance of our pastors, we see the same spirit where parishioners offer their time, talent and treasure, from all walks of life, to make our church a beautiful house of worship. The people of St. Anne Church have been most generous throughout its long history.  From the original wooden chapel, to the mission style church of 1926 with beautiful stained glass windows, to our present church, social hall, and classrooms, the people have given willingly as our community has grown to provide a fitting place for the mystery of the Eucharist.

We now look forward to carry on with the traditions created in our past.  Those traditions are rooted in the Catholic faith and the command that we love God and each other. As a parish for over 45 years, St. Anne has met the challenge through the offering of time, talent, and treasure. With this offering, we can continue to celebrate who we are as one body in Christ through “Faith, Service and Joy.”


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